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Stone Chip Repair in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes & Leicestershire



Stone chip repairs 

MkProValet is approved and accredited to apply the brilliant chipex system.

Unsitley stone chips and scuffs can be repaired at the fraction of the price a body shop would charge. 

 Each one of our kits is handmade to your manufacturer’s exact colour formation, for the perfect colour match. This makes our touch up paint kits foolproof to use, as they leave an invisible, seamless result while thoroughly repairing your minor paintwork damage.

All of our touch up paint arrives completely ready and premixed with clear coat lacquer, so there is no need for you to apply them separately. Our unique paint blending solution ensures the touch-up paint perfectly combines with the surrounding paint, leaving you with a professional standard finish.

Using Chipex’s car touch up paint system means you avoid large repair bills from typical body shops, and will enhance the resale value of your vehicle. That’s why we are trusted by so many happy customers call for details 

Before and after 

Please take note 

The chipex system is an 80% is by no means a respray