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End Of Lease Valet in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes & Leicestershire

End of lease valeting 


End of Lease Valet

Some lease companies charge an average of over £750 per vehicle at lease return for damage beyond Fair Wear and Tear.Fleet Managers are feeling the financial brunt of the leasing industry's increasingly tough stance on end-of-lease contract recharges. Some fleets are reporting increases of 20% as leasing firms look to recoup losses.

At MkProvalet we can valet.detail your vehicle ,we Repair cigarette burns, Machine polish out scratches, Repair & re-connolising the leather seats & trim,re-dye carpets, clean engine bays, re-colour exterior & interior trim and odour & stain remove all fabric interiors.

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50/50 shot of this Honda

Valeting to this Honda saved the customer hundreds of pounds.

Have you ever wondered how many drivers/companies have fallen out with their lease company or boss over a bill they didn't think was theirs. If you have dents, scrapes and scratches, get them repaired properly before it goes back. So that you know where you stand before your vehicle goes back you can check it yourself or have an independent inspection. We can advise you on what is acceptable and what is not.

Machine polishing 

Fair wear and tear 

This is the deterioration a car naturally has over time through normal day to day use. It does not relate to damage caused from a specific accident, misuse or neglect by the driver. As with all things in life there is a grey area so the BVRLA has put a set of guides in place to help drivers, fleet operators and the finance companies decide what is considered as fair wear and tear and what is unacceptable damage.